Powerful profitability software to help you maximise margin.

It all begins with an idea. Maybe you want to launch a business. Maybe you want to turn a hobby into something more. Or maybe you have a creative project to share with the world. Whatever it is, the way you price your products and manage your overhead costs can make all the difference.


The best solutions in one tool

After years of personal and professional experience, we founded Marginfy to help individuals and teams make their business dreams a reality. With our powerful but easy to use profitability tools, you’ll unearth renewed insights and analysis to help your business thrive.

Multiple product pricing including costs, annual units and target pricing.

Overhead Costing

Annual overhead costs can be factored into pricing to ensure true profitability.

Target Annual Profit

Set your target annual profit and compare to overall desired profit.

Pricing insights

Never lose money by discounting below your break even pricing.

After entering your direct costs, your overhead costs, your target selling price and specifying how much profit you aim to earn over the year, sit back and see your break even price and your forecast profit position based on your target pricing.

Overhead Cost Analysis

See exactly where your fixed costs are concentrated

Fixed costs tend to be discretionary spend and usually where margin is easily lost. As your selling price is influenced by supply and demand overlaid by competitor pricing, understanding your overhead costs will help you maximise profit.

Simple flexible pricing

From 24 hour access to do pricing modelling to 12 month access to stay on top of the ever-changing costs and sales trends, we have a subscription for everyone.

Tutorials & seminars

Excellent support as well as easy to understand tutorials will help you extract the most from your business and improve your margins.

Tracking & progress

Adding actual costs over time will increase your profit forecast and help you make better pricing decisions

Simple & efficient

Easy to use user interface with a natural flow that will quickly have you set up and acting on your new insights, saving you from costly mistakes and making you money.

Powerful & seamless

Instant insights allow you to do sensitivity analysis as you forecast the impact of decisions you are considering, from discounting to new suppliers to new products.

Secure & safe

Cyber-secure SSD database backed up daily with redundancies in place to ensure minimum interruption and class leading security of your data.

Business Community

A caring business community to help you stay on track.

Get access to a helpful and diverse business community from start up entrepreneurs
to veteran business owners. We have members with Amazon FBA success,
eBay, Shopify, physical stores and small businesses.
Get your subscription and feel the sense of community on your business journey.
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